Creator & Individual Developer


Swift, CloudKit, Core Data

Ledger Manager Cover

All your cryptocoins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and way more.

  • Wrote the app using Swift.
  • Used Core Data for local storage and caching.
  • Secure, automatic syncing: Integrated CloudKit for authentication and database management. No account creation needed, as long as you’re logged in to your personal iCloud account, everything will get synced automatically to all your iOS devices.
  • Everything done is private and visible to the user only. Transactions sync with the user’s personal iCloud account, nothing is sent to our servers.
  • Smart algorithm to compute cost basis and acquisition date for every sale in a calendar year, based on FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out) approach, in order to facilitate tax reporting.
  • Net Worth feature to help the user gain insights into their overall net worth, with gain/loss reporting and graph plotting.
  • Embedded calculator within the text input fields to auto convert mathematical expressions into numbers.
  • Support for Passcode and Biometrics (Touch ID, Face ID).
  • Support for Dark Mode.

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