Co-Founder & CEO/CTO


Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, CoreData, ParseServer, Stripe, Mailchimp, Mailgun

Tooride offers a Private Tours On-Demand service, that allows tour guides to host their tours for visitors to book.

  • Wrote it from scratch using Objective-C / Cocoa Touch. Built all the User Interface across the whole app.
  • Used for the server related code. Which I had to migrate to ParseServer that I hosted onto AWS Elastic Beanstalk (due to the termination of service on Jan 2017).
  • CoreData to cache the server objects into the local database.
  • Stripe for Payments.
  • MailChimp/Mandrill for emails.


  • Multi-threading to perform most operations in the background, like fetching tours, getting info on demand, etc..
  • Reviews System to support customer reviews for tours; Role/Permission integration, to allow having super users “admins” approve users to become tour guides.
  • In-app Admin Tools to interact with tours, users and more..
  • Experimentation System that enables us to experiment (toggle on/off) on different features of the app.
  • Stats Logging.
  • Push Notifications.
  • Deep Linking / Handling.
  • Auto Emails Generations for sign ups, order confirmations, refunds, marketing emails, booking reminders, etc.
  • Payment System (Apple Pay, AliPay, Credit/Debit Cards, Amex Checkout, Direct Deposit onto Tour Guide’s accounts).
  • Tour Requests functionality that allows customers to put in a request with their activities, budget, etc. And tour guides will submit offers for them to review.
  • Built a Coupon System to give away discounts and help promote the app.
  • Facebook Login, for quick sign ups.
  • Filters System that manages the home page all pushed from the backend.
  • Referral Program to grant bonus coupons.
  • Analytics using Facebook, Google with Ecommerce reporting.
  • Localization fully localized in Chinese.

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